Teddy Svoronos (G5, ESS) highlighted for blended learning approach

Teddy Svoronos (G5, ESS) was highlighted by Harvard's Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning newsletter for the blended learning technique he developed with Dan Levy, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Faculty Chair of the Strengthening Learning and Teaching Excellence (SLATE) Initiative at the Harvard Kennedy School and SLATE staff member Mae Klinger. You can read the full article here.  You can also see the online modules and instructional videos Teddy created by visiting his website: under the teaching section.



Spring News Updates

Rebecca Haffajee (G6, ESS) wrote a post for the Health Affairs blog entitled "Fight the Urge to Criminalize Opioid Addiction Behaviors" on March 9, 2016. You can read the blog post here:


Christine Baugh (G2, Ethics) was featured in Forbes Magazine:

"Meet the Under 30 Harvard Ph.D. Student Who Wants to Change the Sports Medicine Industry"



Winter News Updates 

Jamie Daw (G3, ESS) co-authored a commentary in the Canadian Medical Association Journal arguing that Health Canada regulations should support a universal stool donor model for fecal microbiota transplant, a promising cost-effective therapy for C.difficile. Link to the article here: 


Emily Largent (G6, Ethics) had a Peer Commentary published in the American Journal of Bioethics.  It’s entitled Health Care Organizations and the Power of Procedure  ( 


Emma Sandoe (G2, PA) was appointed as the student representative for the AcademyHealth 2016 Committee on Advocacy and Public Policy (CAPP). The committee is made up of researchers and policy makers that advocate on behalf of federal funding for agencies that support health services research.


Phil Saynisch (G3, Mgmt) and Anas El Turabi (G3, ESS) were consultants to a piece of work managed by the National Academy of Medicine on global infectious disease risk that was launched in January. The National Academy of Medicine convened the Commission on a Global Health Risk Framework for the Future (GHRF Commission)—an independent, international group of experts — to produce a report on global infectious disease risk and to make recommendations for concerted global action to reduce the health and economic threats of pandemic diseases. Phil and Anas supported the preparation of the report, helping develop the business case for investing in pandemic preparedness and developing analytic models to support estimates of economic losses. The study was highlighted in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and CNBC. You can learn more about the original report here.



Health Policy current student and recent graduate named in Forbes 30 under 30

Christine Baugh (Ethics, G2) and Aaron Schwartz (Econ, 2015) were recently named in Forbes 30 under 30.

Aaron was recongnized for his research on wasteful spending in healthcare:


Christine was highlighted for the research she is doing on concussions in sports:



Recent Student News

Recent student publications:

Amada Kreider  (G1, Econ) - Study published in JAMA Pediatrics, "Quality of Health Insurance Coverage and Access to Care for Children in Low-Income Families":


Slawa Rokicki (G4, ESS) Paper published in Nicotine and Tobacco Research with program alum Doug Levy (2004, ESS):

Slawa's work was also recently featured on the World Bank Development Impact Blog: