Kao Ping Chua

    Assistant Professor, Dept of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases, University of Michigan School of Medicine

    Dissertation Title:  "Quasi-Experimental Evaluations of Pediatric Health Care: Clinical Practive Guidelins and Insurance Coverage"... Read more about Kao Ping Chua

    Jamie Daw

    Assistant Professor, Department of Health Policy & Management
    Columbia Mailman School of Public Health

    Dissertation title:  "Insurance coverage for pregnant women: assessing patterns, policy impacts and...

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    Carrie Fry

    Assistant Professor, Department of Health Policy
    Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

    Dissertation title:  Evaluating State-Driven Changes to the Medicaid Program: Unintended, Intended, and Methodological Implications...

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    Thalia Porteny

    Postdoctoral Fellow, Lab for Research on Ethics, Aging, and Community Health (REACH Lab), Tufts University

    Dissertation title“Improving Migrant Health Policies and Programs: From the Normative to the Positive...

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    Jacob Wallace

    Assistant Professor of Public Health (Health Policy), Department of Health Policy and Management, Yale School of Public Health

    Dissertation Title: "How Does Managed Care Manage Care? Evidence from Public Insurance"


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