Christine Baugh

    Assistant Professor of Medicine, Center for Bioethics and Humanities, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

    Dissertation Title:  "Risk and Sport: Individual, Institutional, and Ethical Considerations"...

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    Jamie Daw

    Assistant Professor, Department of Health Policy & Management
    Columbia Mailman School of Public Health

    Dissertation title:  "Insurance coverage for pregnant women: assessing patterns, policy impacts and...

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    Michaela Kerrissey*

    Assistant Professor, Department of Health Policy & Management
    Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
    *Harvard PhD Program in Health Policy Alumna & Faculty Member

    Dissertation Title:  "Delivering across Boundaries: Social and Structural Features of Service Integration...

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    Ellen Montz

    Chief Economist and Director of Economic Policy, Virginia Medicaid

    Dissertation Title:  "Essays in Managed Competition in the Affordable Care Act’s Marketplaces"

    This dissertation examines...

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    Julian Urrutia

    Medical Student
    Fundación Universitaria Ciencias de la Salud

    Dissertation Title:  “The Right to Health, the Power to Punish, and the Duty to Advocate”


    Paper 1: The Right to...

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    Annetta Zhou

    Postdoctoral Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research

    Dissertation Title:  "Essays on Insurance Policy and Provider Choices"

    This dissertation includes one essay on the role of reputation on...

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