Roger Porter

    IBM Professor of Business and Government, Harvard Kennedy School

    Aaron Rabinowitz

    Senior Vice President/General Counsel, University of Maryland Medical System Corp

    Dissertation Title:"The Fourth Branch of Government: The Role of Interest Groups, the Media, and Political Advertisements in Contemporary Health Policy Debates"... Read more about Aaron Rabinowitz

    Emma Sandoe

    Associate Director of Strategy and Planning, North Carolina Dept of Health Benefits
    Adjunct Professor, Duke University

    Dissertation Title:  "The Politics of Medicaid and Insurance Coverage Expansion: Voters, Interest Groups, and Policy-Making"... Read more about Emma Sandoe

    Loren Saulsberry

    Assistant Professor (Health Services Research), Department of Public Health Sciences, The University of Chicago

    Dissertation Title:  "Chronic Illness and Public Health: Evaluating Influential Intersections Between Politics and Policy"... Read more about Loren Saulsberry

    Theda Skocpol

    Victor S. Thomas Professor of Government and Sociology, Harvard Faculty of Arts & Sciences

    James Snyder

    Leroy B. Williams Professor of History and Political Science, Harvard Faculty of Arts & Sciences

    Benjamin Sommers*

    Deputy Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, US Department of Health and Human Services
    on leave from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
    *Harvard PhD Program in Health Policy Alumnus

    Gillian SteelFisher

    Senior Research Scientist, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
    Deputy Director, Harvard Opinion Research Program

    Dissertation Title: "From the Iraq War to Quality of Care: Public Response to Health Policy and Politics"... Read more about Gillian SteelFisher

    Elizabeth Wikler

    Policy Director, Wisconsin Department of Health Services

    Dissertation Title: "Transformations in Health Policy: An Analysis of Alzheimer’s Disease Testing, Medicaid Enrollment, and Insurance Market Concentration"... Read more about Elizabeth Wikler