Recent Student Presentations & Published Research

September 1, 2016

Christine Baugh (G3, Ethics) recently co-authored “Football players’ perceptions of future risk of concussion and concussion-related health outcomes” in the Journal of Neurotrauma. Link to abstract

Christine presented Athlete concussion symptom reporting: Current evidence and possible improvements at the Big Ten/Ivy League Traumatic Brain Injury Research Collaboration Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 14, 2016. 

Rebecca Haffajee (graduating November 2016, ESS) was published in the Hastings Law Journal.  Her article, “Preventing Opioid Misuse with Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs: A Framework for Evaluating the Success of State Public Health Laws”, outlines key criteria intended to help state regulators in evaluating and justifying prescription drug monitoring programs and other public health laws. 

Rebecca also co-authored “Murder Liability for Prescribing Opioids: A Way Forward?” published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings

Bethany Sheridan (G4, Management) recently had a paper accepted for publication:

Sheridan, B., Chien, A.T, Peters, A.S., Rosenthal, M.B., Brooks, J.V., Singer, S.J. (2016). Team-Based Care: The Medical Assistant Perspective. Health Care Management Review (forthcoming).