Evaluating the relationship between Medicaid expansion and health and financial outcomes among adults with depression

August 28, 2018

Carrie Fry (G3, Methods for Policy Research) had an article published in Psychiatric Services titled "Effect of Medicaid Expansion on Health Insurance Coverage and Access to Care among Adults with Depression".

Using survey data from low-income adults in three Southern states, this paper finds that Medicaid expansion is associated with increased health insurance coverage, increased access to care, and reduced financial burden due to medical expenses among respondents who screen positive for depression. Importantly, results are similar for adults that live in mental health professional shortages areas, compared to those that do not, suggesting that the benefits conferred from health insurance coverage outweigh health professional shortage. Similarly, we find that our results are similar for adults with severe depression, compared to adults with mild to moderate depression. Taken together, these results provide an important baseline for access to care among adults with depression, as Medicaid programs are increasingly adding requirements to coverage provisions.