Students and Alumni receive notable awards and publish research

May 1, 2016

Mark Shrime (Dec Sci, 2015) was featured in the New York Times for his research focused on surgical delivery in low- and middle-income countries and the accesibility of safe surgeries.

Jamie Daw (G3, ESS) won the 2016 CIHR-IHSPR Article of the Year Award. This award recognizes published research that has significantly contributed to the advancement of the field of health services and policy research in Canada.



Slawa Rokicki (ESS, 2016) was the 2016 Connifee Prize Winner. This award is for the best paper by a young economist at the 2016 Irish Economic Association Annual Meeting.  Slawa received the prize for her paper titled “Bias of Standard Errors in Difference in Difference analyses when the Number of Clusters is Small."

Anas El Turabi (G3, ESS) and Phil Saynisch (Management, G3) co-authored a paper titled "Assessment of economic vulnerability to infectious disease crises" which was published online and in print in The Lancet.

Vidit Munshi (G2, Dec Sci) was awarded a 2016 Teaching Assistant Award from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The Teaching Assistant Award winners are nominated by students to recognize the best teaching assistants during the academic year. It is given to “teaching assistants who have demonstrated excellence as teaching as characterized by commitment, preparation, quality of presentation, time for questions and other factors related to instruction.”