Henry Thomas Stelfox

Professor and Department Head, Critical Care Medicine, University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services - Calgary Zone

Dissertation Title: "Patient Safety Challenges: An Inpatient, Outpatient and Patient Satisfaction Example"... Read more about Henry Thomas Stelfox

Annie Steffenson

Medical Writer, Independent Consultant

Dissertation Title: "Toward a Better Understanding of HIV Risk among Young South Africans: Risk Perceptions and the Risk of Concurrent Sexual Partnerships"... Read more about Annie Steffenson

Gillian SteelFisher

Senior Research Scientist, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Deputy Director, Harvard Opinion Research Program

Dissertation Title: "From the Iraq War to Quality of Care: Public Response to Health Policy and Politics"... Read more about Gillian SteelFisher

Zirui Song*

Assistant Professor of Health Care Policy and of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Internal Medicine Physician, Massachusetts General Hospital
*Harvard PhD Program in Health Policy Alumnus & Faculty Member

Dissertation Title: "Financial Incentives in Health Care Reform: Evaluating Payment Reform in Accountable Care Organizations and Competitive Bidding in Medicare"... Read more about Zirui Song*

Hummy Song

Assistant Professor of Operations, Information, and Decisions, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School

Dissertation Title: "Drivers of Physician Productivity and Performance: The Role of Queuing Systems, Relative Performance Feedback, and Cohort Turnover"... Read more about Hummy Song

Benjamin Sommers*

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, Office of Health Policy, US Department of Health and Human Services
on leave from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
*Harvard PhD Program in Health Policy Alumnus & Faculty Member

Dissertation Title: "The Dynamics of Public and Private Health Insurance in the United States"... Read more about Benjamin Sommers*

Loel Scott Solomon

Vice President, Community Health, Kaiser Permanente
Professor, Health Systems Science, Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine

Dissertation Title: "Assessing Patient-Reported Quality in Medical Group Practices: An Analysis of Data from the National Field Test of the Group-Level CAHPS Instrument"... Read more about Loel Scott Solomon

Sara Singer

Professor of Medicine, Stanford School of Medicine
Professor of Organizational Behavior (by courtesy), Stanford Graduate School of Business and Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

Dissertation Title: "Safety Climate in US Hospitals: Its Measurement, Variation, and Relationship to Organizational Safety Performance"... Read more about Sara Singer

Anna Sinaiko*

Assistant Professor of Health Economics and Policy, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
*Harvard PhD Program in Health Policy Alumna & Faculty Member

Dissertation Title:  "Essays on Consumer Behavior in Health Care"... Read more about Anna Sinaiko*

Mark Shrime

Chair of Global Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Lecturer in Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Dissertation Title:  "Health, Poverty, and Surgery in the US and around the World"... Read more about Mark Shrime

Stephanie Shimada

Research Health Scientist, Center for Healthcare Organization and Implementation Research, Bedford VA Medical Center
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Health Law, Policy, and Management, Boston University School of Public Health

Dissertation Title:  "Selection in the Medicare Program"... Read more about Stephanie Shimada

Tisamarie Sherry

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Planning and Evaluation, Office of Behavioral Health, Disability, and Aging Policy, US Department of Health and Human Services

Dissertation Title:  "Maternal Health and Child Development Programs in the United States and Rwanda: An Evaluation of Policies to Improve Quality and Efficiency"... Read more about Tisamarie Sherry