Elizabeth Wikler

Policy Director, Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Dissertation Title: "Transformations in Health Policy: An Analysis of Alzheimer’s Disease Testing, Medicaid Enrollment, and Insurance Market Concentration"... Read more about Elizabeth Wikler

Keren Ladin

Associate Professor, Dept of Occupational Therapy and Dept of Community Health, Tufts University
Associate Professor, Dept of Public Health and Community Medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine

Dissertation Title:  "Empirical and Normative Implications of Social Networks for Health Disparities: The Case of Renal Transplantation"... Read more about Keren Ladin

Laura Faden Garabedian*

Assistant Professor, Department of Population Medicine, Harvard Medical School & Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute
*Harvard PhD Program in Health Policy Alumna & Faculty Member

Dissertation Title:  "Quasi-Experimental Health Policy Research: Evaluation of Universal Health Insurance and Methods for Comparative Effectiveness Research"... Read more about Laura Faden Garabedian*

Meredith Chace

Director, Customer Analytics and Outcomes, Ontrak, Inc

Dissertation Title:  “Evaluating Intended and Unintended Consequences of Health Policy and Regulation in Vulnerable Populations”... Read more about Meredith Chace