Joint Degrees

MD/PhD Program

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers a joint degree program with Harvard Medical School, which leads to an MD and PhD. Those interested in earning an MD/PhD in Health Policy will apply only to HMS/MD-PhD via AMCAS, with all tailored GSAS application components included in the MD-PhD secondary application. Note that funding is available to support part or all of medical school tuition for qualified students, but is very competitive. Additional questions MD/PhD Program may be addressed to Amy Cohen, Director of Administration.

JD/PhD Program

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers a coordinated degree program with Harvard Law School, which leads to a JD and PhD. To be admitted to the program, students must apply to and be separately admitted to both the Law School and the PhD Program in Health Policy. For more information about the coordinated program, see the JD/PhD Program Description. Note that the Law School has financial assistance programfor some eligible JD/PhD students. Students interested in the coordinated program are encouraged to contact Thomas Graca, Assistant Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs at HLS, or Patrick O’Brien, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at GSAS, for further information.