Curriculum Overview

  • Two years (generally) of graduate level coursework, including the full-year core course in health policy in the first year. 
  • Concentration in one academic discipline (decision sciences, economics, management, methods for policy research, or political analysis) and specialization at the dissertation stage in one policy area (health care services, mental health, public health, or global health). 
  • Two semesters of statistics. See the distribution requirements curriculum guide below for courses that may be used to satisfy this requirement.
  • Three one-term courses, chosen from three concentrations outside a student’s field of concentration. The statistics requirement may be used to satisfy one of the three requirements, except for students concentrating in methods for policy research.
  • A weekly research seminar where students present research in progress, beginning in the third year.
  • Written general (i.e., health policy) and concentration examinations following two years of coursework; the general exam also has an oral component.
  • A dissertation prospectus and oral examination on that prospectus, in the third or fourth year of the program.
  • A dissertation based on original research and a dissertation defense.  The dissertation may be comprised of three publishable papers or one major monograph, although the latter option is rarely used.

Distribution Requirements

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