Craig White

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Concerto HealthAI

Dissertation Title: "Delivering the Right Amount of Care - Sometimes More is Less"... Read more about Craig White

Hummy Song

Assistant Professor of Operations, Information, and Decisions, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School

Dissertation Title: "Drivers of Physician Productivity and Performance: The Role of Queuing Systems, Relative Performance Feedback, and Cohort Turnover"... Read more about Hummy Song

Loren Saulsberry

Assistant Professor (Health Services Research), Department of Public Health Sciences, The University of Chicago

Dissertation Title:  "Chronic Illness and Public Health: Evaluating Influential Intersections Between Politics and Policy"... Read more about Loren Saulsberry

Monica Magalhaes

Program Manager, Center for Population-Level Bioethics, Rutgers University

Dissertation Title:  "Cost-Effectiveness and Social Values in Health Care Priority Setting: Normative Reasons and Public Deliberation"... Read more about Monica Magalhaes

Matthew Frank

General Attorney, Federal Trade Commission (Bureau of Competition, Mergers IV Division)

Dissertation Title:  "Promoting Value Through Health Insurance Design: Empirical and Normative Assessments"... Read more about Matthew Frank