John Giardina

John Giardina

PhD Candidate in Health Policy (G6, Decision Sciences)

John Giardina graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BA and MA in Economics, and a BS in Biological Sciences. While a student at UConn, John was named a University Scholar for a thesis project on the relationship between continuous care and end of life care outcomes. Following graduation, John worked as a Project Coordinator and Boundary Spanner at the UConn Institute for Collaboration on Health, Intervention, and Policy (InCHIP), focusing on the development of collaborative research projects in the areas of health, health behavior, and health policy, including projects on pain management, obesity, treatment adherence, and interprofessional healthcare.

John’s current research interests focus on developing and evaluating methods to individualize care that tailor health interventions to meet individual patient needs and preferences. He is particularly interested in using disease simulation models to estimate the value of individualizing care; integrating methods to estimate heterogeneous treatment effects with decision analytic models; and exploring the trade-offs between individualized care and other objectives, including treatment rule complexity, downside risk and uncertainty, and cost-effectiveness. In line with these interests, John is currently working as a research assistant at the Center for Health Decision Science at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health on projects to individualize blood pressure control targets and construct a stroke policy model for cost-effectiveness analyses. He previously worked at the Health Decision Sciences Center at Massachusetts General Hospital on a project evaluating the implementation of shared decision making for elective orthopedic surgeries.




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