Mahnum Shahzad

Mahnum Shahzad

PhD Candidate in Health Policy (G4, Economics)

Mahnum Shahzad graduated magna cum laude with honors from Dartmouth College in 2015 with a double major in economics and mathematics. As an undergraduate, she worked extensively on projects in the fields of development and public economics as a presidential scholar and a research assistant to Professors Bruce Sacerdote and Taryn Dinkelman. She augmented that experience by doing field work in her native country, Pakistan, at the Center for Economic Research in Pakistan and later as an intern with the Pakistani Ministry for Planning, Development and Reform. Her undergraduate thesis explored the cost effectiveness of Medicare spending and sparked her interest in health economics. After graduation she worked as a research assistant to MIT Professor Heidi Williams at the National Bureau of Economic Research with a focus on innovation in the pharmaceutical sector. Her current research interests focus on decision making in health care both at the provider and consumer levels in developing and developed economies.


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