Ye Shen

Ye Shen

PhD Candidate in Health Policy (G2, Decision Sciences)

Ye Shen is a Ph.D. student in the Decision Sciences track of the Health Policy program at Harvard University. She currently hopes to use decision science and simulation modeling to better inform health and social policies in the U.S. and international contexts, especially those intersecting the health and food systems.

Ye graduated from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health with an MSPH in international health - human nutrition and a certificate in public health economics. She received her BA in international relations from Tufts University.

Before entering the Ph.D. program, Ye was a cost-effectiveness specialist and data analyst at Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy for a project supporting USAID's food and nutrition assistance activities. She has contributed to empirical economic evaluations of two intervention trials in West Africa. She has also led the development and roll-out of an interactive tool to improve the cost-effectiveness of program decisions made by USAID and its partners. While pursuing her Master’s, Ye conducted GIS research in a mixed-methods study of American Indian reservations. She also worked for the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN).


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