Policy Areas

In addition to selecting a concentration, students should select a policy area that is of special interest. The four areas of policy interest are listed and described below:

Health Care Services

This area is designed for students whose primary interests are access to health care, medical technology assessment, quality of health care, and the costs and financing of health care services.

Global Health

This policy area focuses on the economic determinants and consequences of health and health care in countries other than the US, especially less developed countries.

Mental Health

This area is designed for students who wish to specialize in mental health policy, including the financing of services, the roles of public and private sectors, and the links between mental health and human services.

Public Health

This area is designed for students who are interested in policies directed at the rates of disease and injury in the population. Major topics include smoking behavior, control of alcohol abuse, mental health, traffic accidents, dietary and nutritional recommendations, occupational safety, gun control, control of infectious diseases including AIDS, and food and drug regulation.