Concentration Chairs: Robert Huckman and Amy Edmondson

The management track prepares students to do research on the organizational, managerial, and strategic issues facing health care providers, payers, and other players in the health care market. Students in this track will learn how theories and concepts from fields such as technology and operations management, organizational behavior, organizational economics, and competitive strategy can be applied to – and further developed for understanding – health care organizations. Students in this track should have a strong interest in pursuing research on such issues as the design and improvement of health care delivery processes, approaches for improving health care quality and productivity, the development and adoption of new medical technologies, financial incentives in health care, the new role of patients as consumers in health care, the appropriate ownership and organizational structure of hospitals and other health care providers, and the management of professional health care staffs. We expect students completing this track to find jobs in academic and research institutions that have an interest in the impact of management on health care. These institutions would include business schools, as well as medical schools, schools of public health, and schools of public policy.

The management track is co-administered by the Harvard PhD Program in Health Policy and by HBS Doctoral Programs, where it is referred to as Health Policy (Management).

Management Curriculum Guide